Visalam Filter Kapi - An emotion
Written By : kirthika

Coffee is a drink people would say. To me, Coffee is an emotion. This coffee shop is in one of the busiest roads in Madurai and is a landmark in Madurai. It’s like fast food for the people of Madurai. I happened to cross this shop during my childhood and fortunately, I happen to notice much of crowd waiting outside this shop. First in place, I was thinking just for a coffee, how could people go this much crazy. I got down there and joined the crowd. I ordered one filter coffee along with Vada which is famous there.

After having a sip of coffee, I realized why such a crowd awaited. From then on, whenever I happen to go through that area, I ensure to stop and have this coffee. As the shutters of the shop go up, aroma hits different. Parking becomes a challenge as the day grows, but that does not keep the people away. Early morning walkers, train passengers, corporation workers, security guards and wide range of crowd is seen here. It really has gained large fan base in Madurai and is nowhere in sight of losing its place to anyone.

Location Details : This coffee shop is located at Goripalayam, Madurai, a drive about 4 kms from city.

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Ganesh Raja
2/3/2023 5:25:32 AM
Yah Agreed. The test of coffee is too good.